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Collection Roman Collection
Catalog Number 2015.7.79
Object Name Coin
Description Roman Provincial Imperial coin, copper, AE dupondius or as. Struck during the reign of Caesar Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Augustus in honor of his son Hostilian as Caesar in Viminacium, 250-251 C.E. The bare head of Hostilitan faces right in profile, on obverse with the inscriptions "C VAL HOST M QVINTVS CAE" surrounding image. On reverse, the standing figure of Moesia, the personification of the Moesia province, faces left with her arms down between a bull and a lion with the inscriptions "PMS C OL VIM" surrounding image and "ANXII" in the exergum. Obverse and reverse images and inscriptions based on the Rare Coins and Token reference; images and inscriptions faded and difficult to decipher.
Date range: 250-251 C.E.

Remarks: The younger son of Trajan Decius, he was given the rank of Caesar c. 250-251 C.E. On the death of his father and brother, he was left as the sole surviving male representative of the older imperial family, and Trebonianus Gallus, the successor Decius and Etruscus, raised him to the rank of Augustus. After a short period of joint rule, Hostilian died of plague. Trajan Decius' coins were minted in Rome, Milan, and Antioch, but this provincial coin was minted in Viminacium (now Kostolac in Serbia).

Reference: David Sear, Roman Coins and their Values (1970), #2666 (note: obverse is similar to 2666, but reverse is different - no matching reverse in Sear book. See references on Hostilian AE27 from Viminacium,). Rare Coins and Tokens (n.d.) http://www.rarecoinsandtokens.co.uk/~millenni/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1232

Updated Reference (4/22/16): David Sear, "Roman Coins and Their Values", (Vol III, 2005). pgs 221-226. No matching reference in Sear. See WildWInds.com for example--if they are still listed. http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/ric/hostilian/i.html)
Title Hostilian
Date 250-251 CE
Material Copper
Dimensions Dia-1 inches
Credit line Gift of Arthur G. and Roswitha Haas
Place of Origin Europe/Serbia/Kostolac
Subjects Roman Empire
Ancient Rome