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Collection Roman Collection
Catalog Number 2015.7.107
Object Name Coin
Description Roman Imperial coin, bronze, AE follis. Struck during the reign of Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus Augustus (Galerius)as Augustus of the East in Antioch, 305-311 C.E. The laureate head of Galerius faces right in profile, on obverse with the inscriptions "IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMIANVS P F AVG" surrounding image. On reverse, the standing figure of Genius, the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing, faces left and holds a patera in his left hand and a cornucopia in his right with the inscriptions "GENIO IMPERATORIS" surrounding image, "O" over "(zeta)" in the right field, and "ANT" in the exergum.
Date range: 305-311 C.E.

Remarks: Galerius Valerius Maximianus was a rough but able solider when he was appointed Caesar in the East under Diocletian in 293. When Diocletian and Maximianus abdicated in 305, Galerius was elevated to Augustus while his relative Galerius Valerius Maximianus, a young man with no military or administrative experience, filled the rank of Caesar. Much of Galerius' reign was marked with conflict between himself and other members of the conflicted tetrarchy system. In 311, Galerius was stricken with a dreadful disease and he dies at the beginning of May. Reportedly on his sick-bed at Nicomedia, he issued an edict, which was confirmed by his fellow emperors, cancelling the persecution of the Christians.

During the period of Galerius' reign the size and weight of the follis declined considerably at both Eastern and Western mints. A typical example is the mint of Antioch, where this coin was minted, where the latest folles of Galerius were only 22 mm. in diameter and sometimes less than half the weight of the coin introduced by Diocletian's reform. Galerius' coins as Augustus were minted in London, Treveri, Lugdunum, Ticinum, Aquileia, Rome, Carthage, Siscia, Serdica, Thessalonica, Heraclea, Nicomedia, Cyzicus, Antioch, and Alexandria.

Reference: David Sear, "Roman Coins and Their Values", (Vol IV, 2011),#14520, pg 297.
Title Galerius
Date 305-311 CE
Material Bronze
Dimensions Dia-1 inches
Credit line Gift of Arthur G. and Roswitha Haas
Place of Origin Asia/Turkey/Antioch
Subjects Roman Empire
Ancient Rome