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Collection Roman Collection
Catalog Number 2015.7.14
Object Name Coin
Description Roman Imperatorial coin, silver, AR denarius. Minted by Marcus Barbatius Pollio, moneyer (tresviri monetalis) and quaestor pro praetore to Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony) in the East in 41 B.C.E. The bare head of Marc Antony faces right in profile, on obverse with the inscription "M ANT IMP AVG III VIR R P C M BARBAT Q P" surrounding image. On reverse, the bare head of Octavian face right in profile, with the inscription "CAESAR IMP PONT III VIR R P C" surrounding image. Obverse and reverse inscriptions based on Sear reference; obverse and reverse off struck rendering them difficult to decipher.
Date: 42 B.C.E.

Remarks: Marcus Antonius was born in 83 B.C.E and was already a cavalry commander at the age of 22. He joined Julius Caesar in Gaul and was appointed tribune of the people and augur in 49 and consul in 48. In 43 he formed the Second Triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus. After the battle of Philippi he went to Egypt, his province, where he met Cleopatra and was immediately captivated by her. Ultimately he quarrelled with Octavian who defeated him at the battle of Actium. He fled to back to Egypt with Cleopatra and committed suicide at Alexandria in 30 C.E. This coin was issued by a military mint that moved with Antony as he traveled the East, possibly while he was in Ephesus in the Spring and early Summer of 42 B.C.E.

References: David Sear, "Roman Coins and Their Values" , London 2000 (Vol I), #1504, pg 289; Edward Sydenham, The Coinage of the Roman Republic (1952), p. 191, #1181.
Title Mark Anthony and Augustus
Date 42 BCE
Material Silver
Dimensions Dia-0.75 inches
Credit line Gift of Arthur G. and Roswitha Haas
Place of Origin Asia/Turkey/Izmir/Ephesus
Subjects Roman Republic
Ancient Rome