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Collection Roman Collection
Catalog Number 2015.7.94
Object Name Coin
Description Roman Imperial coin, bronze, (AE) Billon antoninianus. Struck during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Augustus (Claudius II Gothicus) in Rome, 268-270 C.E. The radiate head of Claudius II Gothicus faces right in profile, on obverse with the inscriptions "IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG" surrounding image. On reverse, the standing figure of Genius (the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing) faces left and holds a patera in his right hand and a cornucopia in his left arm with the inscriptions "GENIVS EXERCI" surrounding image. Edge of coin worn down, rendering the inscriptions difficult to decipher.
Date range: 268-270 C.E.

Remarks: A native of Illyricum, Claudius was born about 215 C.E. He obtained the imperial favour by his military talents, and became one of the leading generals under Valerian and Gallienus. On the assassination of the latter, in the plot against whom he is said to have taken part, he was immediately proclaimed emperor and then proceeded to inflict a crushing defeat on the Alamanni, who had invaded Raetia and then even penetrated into Italy. In 269 C.E. he marched against an immense army of Goths, and though the Roman army was seemingly hopelessly outnumbered, Claudius won a brilliant victory over the invaders in a great battle fought at Naissus in Upper Moesia. Unfortunately, some of the wandering survivors of the Gothic host contracted plague and which spread to the Roman army and claimed the life of Claudius after a reign of only two years. Claudius II Gothicus' coins were minted in Rome, Milan, Siscia, Cyzicus, and Antioch.

Reference: David Sear, "Roman Coins and Their Values", (Vol III, 2005), #11340, pg 401
Title Claudius II Gothicus
Date 268-270 CE
Material Bronze
Dimensions Dia-0.75 inches
Credit line Gift of Arthur G. and Roswitha Haas
Place of Origin Europe/Italy/Rome
Subjects Roman Empire
Ancient Rome