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Collection Roman Collection
Catalog Number 2015.7.117
Object Name Coin
Description Roman Imperial coin, bronze, AE 3/4. Struck during the reign of Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus in honor of his nephew Delmatius as Caesar during his lifetime in Antioch, 335-337 C.E. The laureate and cuirassed bust of Delmatius faces right in profile, on obverse with the inscriptions "FL DELMATIVS NOB C" surrounding image. On reverse, two soldiers stand on either side of two standards with the inscriptions "GLORIA EXERCITVS" surrounding image and "SMANI" in the exergum. Obverse and reverse inscriptions based on Sear reference; inscriptions are faded rendering them difficult to decipher.
Date range: 335-337 C.E.

Remarks: Flavius Dalmatius son of another Flavius Dalmatius, censor, and nephew of Constantine I. Dalmatius and his brother Hanniballianus were educated at Tolosa (Toulouse) by rhetor Exuperius. On 18 September 335, he was raised to the rank of Caesar, with the control of Thracia, Achaea and Macedonia. Dalmatius died in late summer 337, killed by his own soldiers. It is possible that his death was related to the purge that hit the imperial family at the death of Constantine, and organized by Constantius II with the aim of removing any possible claimant to the throne. His territory was divided between Constans and Constantius. Delmatius' coins were minted in Treveri, Lugdunum, Arelate, Aquileia, Siscia, Thessalonica, Heraclea, Constantinople, Nicomedia, Cyzicus, Antioch, and Alexandria.

Reference: David Sear, "Roman Coins and Their Values", (Vol IV, 2011), #16884 (?), pgs 541-542. (Unusre as I can not identify or see the SMAN on the coin as it is described in the entry. AN would mean the coin is from Antioch. All coins of this type are, at best, 40$ anyway).
Title Delmatius
Date 335-337 CE
Material Bronze
Dimensions Dia-0.625 inches
Credit line Gift of Arthur G. and Roswitha Haas
Place of Origin Asia/Turkey/Antioch
Subjects Roman Empire
Ancient Rome