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Image of Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.27

Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.27

"Pastoral," 2014, from the portfolio "Drawn from the McClung Museum," color etching and aquatint by Art Werger. Edition: 1/30. Designed in response to McClung Museum object: 1965.23.1, Crazy Quilt, n.d. Artist statement: There is a visual connection between the appearance of a quilt and the aerial landscape of the rural Midwest. Both are a patchwork of individual intentions woven into a pattern of eclectic balance. My inspiration for Pastoral was the Crazy Quilt from the McClung Museum collection. It immediately reminded me of a pair of patched jeans that saw me through art school in the 1970s. Or perhaps it looks more like what would have resulted if Jackson Pollock had chosen to work