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Image of Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.14

Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.14

"Raveling," 2014, from the portfolio "Drawn from the McClung Museum," water-based crayon transfer monoprint by Adriane Herman. Edition: 1/1 Designed in response to McClung Museum object: 1991.7.144, Mummy of an Ibis, Late Dynastic Period, 404-343 BC. Artist statement: The woven geometric pattern on the Ibis Mummy reminded me of marquetry I have admired in corners of older wooden floors. Whoever crafted this object took great care wrapping the body inside, as evident from the consistently proportioned fabric strips. I strove to create prints reminiscent of the mummy's texture and color. The stains on the object could have resulted from a museum ceiling leak or the decomposition of the