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Image of Art-2D Collection - 1957.3.707

Art-2D Collection - 1957.3.707

"A Southern Aristocrat" by Lloyd Branson. Oil on panel; portrait of a woman in a large brimmed brown hat and a white silk dress with bead trim. Signature: Signed L. Branson, '96, upper left. 22 1/2 x 19 1/4 in. Label from The Collector's Eye (2014): Branson is one of the most well known East Tennessee artists. Showing artistic promise from a young age, he attended the University of Tennessee before studying painting abroad in the 1870s. In 1876, he returned to Knoxville and set up a downtown studio with a photographer, where he worked and taught painting. While he created landscapes and historical paintings, Branson was best known for portraits, often produced from photos and f

Image of Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.26

Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.26

"Agriculture and Commerce," 2014, from the portfolio "Drawn from the McClung Museum," lithograph and silkscreen by Ericka Walker. Edition: 1/30. Designed in response to McClung Museum object: 1957.3.707, A Southern Aristocrat by Lloyd Branson, oil on canvas, 1896. Artist statement: On a list of historical artifacts, A Southern Aristocrat stood out for its air of romantic myopia. Advertising the standards of a white American lady of privilege at the turn of the century-a sense of expected beauty, of poise, of social milieu-her portrait also tends to terminate the existence of that anonymous woman, cementing her in the past. A more contemporary read is that both as image and discrete ob