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Image of Chinese Collection - 2013.6.1

Chinese Collection - 2013.6.1

Seated Buddha on a Lotus, Chinese, Ming dynasty, Yongle reign (1403-1424) or later Ming (1425-1644), dry lacquer, gold, cloth, paper, pigment, and wood The style of the sculpture shows Tibetan influence in the form of the double-lotus base and the ornament on the Buddha's robes. In the hollow interior, about 45 pounds of sandalwood, bits of aromatic herbs and various kinds of beans and peas, two fabric bags with unidentified contents, and 43 paper scrolls were placed. One scroll is a Tibetan block-printed transcript of a Sanskrit mantra invoking Vajrasattva, the Primordial Buddha. The sculpture was made using the dry lacquer technique. The approximate outline of the finished sculpture w