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Image of Art-2D Collection - 1968.16.5.2

Art-2D Collection - 1968.16.5.2

"The Captain's Cabin," 1947, woodcut by A. Ross Pittman. See also 1968.16.5.1, the original drawing for this print. Inscribed, bottom left, in pencil: "The Captains Cabin Corner Fort Nashboro Nashville Tenn. restored." Signed lower right, in pencil: A. Ross Pittman Fort Nashborough was the stockade established by James Robertson in 1780 that established the settlement that would eventually become Nashville, Tennessee. The cabin depicted in the drawing was erected in memory of Capt. James Leeper, the first settler married in Nashborough (1780), killed in the Battle of the Bluff, April 2, 1781. The cabin was built of logs, with 1261 cuts in the roof alone.