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Name Heiskell, Samuel G.
Other names Samuel Gordon Heiskell
Born 1858
Died 1923
Birthplace Monroe County, Tennessee
Father William Heiskell (1788-1871)
Mother Julia Gahagan Heiskell (1833-1896)
Notes Served as Mayor of Knoxville five times (1896-97, 1900-01, 1906-07, 1910-15); Lawyer, historian, State Representative.
Spouse Irene Kuhn Heiskell (1868-1936)

Associated Records

Image of Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.4

Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.4

Four men playing musical instruments; two playing guitar and the other two playing mandolin, cabinet card, c. 1890s, photograph by Walter R. Reeves. The man who is second from the right identified as Sam Heiskell. Printed to right of image: Reeves, Photographer Clarksville, Tenn. Cabinet card was inserted in album 1986.13.1; handwritten on album page, in pencil: "Sam Heiskell" (with an arrow drawn to indicate second man from right in image).

Image of Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.8

Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.8

"S. G. Heiskell," cabinet card, c. 1890-1899, photograph by McCrary & Branson. On back, handwritten in black ink: Very Truly , &c, S. G. Heiskell Cabinet card was inserted in album 1986.13.1.

Image of Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.35

Photograph Collection - 1986.13.2.35

"Sam Heiskell," carte-de-visite, c. 1890s, photograph by McCrary & Branson. On back, printed in gold ink: McCrary & Branson / Knoxville, Tenn. Carte de visite was inserted in album 1986.13.1. Handwritten on album page above image, in pencil: Sam Heiskell