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Name Visscher, II, Nicolaes
Life Dates 1649-1702
Nationality Dutch
Occupation Cartographer, Engraver, Publisher
Role Cartographer

Associated Records

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.15

Map Collection - 2014.17.15

"Walcheren," Amsterdam, 1690, hand-colored engraving, map by Nicolaes Visscher II Walcheren is an island at the mouth of the Scheldt estuary, in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. This map includes the cities of Middelburg, Veere, and Vlissingen, and all other large towns, routes, and waterways in the province, including the sand dunes on the two sides of the island that face the North Sea, and the dykes on the sides of the river.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.37

Map Collection - 2014.17.37

"Superioris Alsatiae nec non Brisigaviae et Suntgaviae," Amsterdam, 1640, hand-colored engraving, map by Nicolaes Visscher II A map of the upper Alsace region and the Rhine River valley in Germany and Swizerland, showing the fortified cities of Colmar, Freiburg, Breisach, Basel and Schaffhausen.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.10

Map Collection - 2014.21.10

"Geographica Artesiae Comitatus Tabula," Amsterdam, 1690, hand-colored engraving, map by Nicolaes Visscher II Map of Belgium, Flanders, France, and surrounding areas. Decorative, multicolor title cartouche with cherubs, garlands, and coat of arms, top right of map, multicolor scale and notation cartouche with a cherub holding a compass while leaning on a fountain, bottom right of map.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.37

Map Collection - 2014.21.37

Nicolaes Visscher II Superioris Alsatiae... Hand-colored engraving Amsterdam, ca. 1690 Colored map by Nicolaes Visscher II: Southwest Germany and surrounding regions. The regions, cities, towns, et cetera, are clearly identified on the map, larger settlements or significant Christian sites marked with red castle/cathedral icon, i.e. "Freiburg" middle right of map. Mountain ranges, forests, regions, borders, and bodies of water, colored, some texture, rivers, not colored, some texture. Decorative multicolor title and dedication cartouche with four people, two cherubs, and a coat of arms, middle right of map, map key above, scale below. Measurement marks surround black and yellow double l

Image of Map Collection - 2015.12.5

Map Collection - 2015.12.5

Nicolaes Visscher II Bruxellensis Tetrarchia... Hand-colored engraving Amsterdam, ca. 1690 Engraved map of Belgium, centered on the city of Brussels. Surrounding area shows cities of Aalst, Mechelen and Louvain, with small towns, churches, waterways and forests.

Image of Map Collection - 2016.8.1

Map Collection - 2016.8.1

"Leodiensis Episcopatus in omnes Subjacentes Provincias distincte divisus," Amsterdam, c. 1690, hand-colored copperplate engraving, map by Nicolaes Visscher II. An example of Visscher's regional map of Belgium, including Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain, Maastricht, and Cologne. The map is further embellished with a title-cartouche showing a smith working his anvil.