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Name Sommer, J.

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Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.47

Map Collection - 2014.21.47

Nicholas Sanson and J. Sommer Royaume de Navarre Engraving Paris, 1652 Map by Nicholas Sanson, cartographer, and J. Sommer, engraver: The Kingdom of Navarre, now an autonomous community in northern Spain, bordering the Basque Country, La Rioja, and Aragon in Spain and Aquitaine in France. The regions, cities, towns, et cetera, are clearly identified on the map, larger settlements and significant Christian sites marked with castle/cathedral icon or minature city plans, i.e. "Pamplona" middle of map. Mountain ranges, forests, roads, rivers, and bodies of water, not colore some texture. Decorative black and white title cartouche, bottom left of map, four scales, bottom middle of map. Measu