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Name Softic, Tanja
Role Artist

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Image of Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.25

Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.25

"Crinoid," 2014, from the portfolio "Drawn from the McClung Museum," aquatint, etching, drypoint, and photopolymer etching by Tanja Softic. Edition: 1/30. Designed in response to McClung Museum object (unnumbered) Crinoid, Agaricocrinites sp. Phylum Echinodermata, Class Crinoidea, Mississippian Period. Artist statement: Crinoids derive their name from Greek word krinon, or "lily", but they are animals, not plants. The ones living today are often called sea lilies. When I first saw the Mississippian Crinoid Fossil from McClung Museum collections, it looked to me like a relief on a sarcophagus, a figure laid to rest, something that turned inward, put all of its fingers together and fo