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Name Mercator, Gerardus
Other names Gerard Mercator
Life Dates 1512-1594
Nationality Flemish
Occupation artist (preferred)
Notes Encyclopaedia Britannica entry for Gerardus Mercator:
Role Cartographer

Associated Records

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.6

Map Collection - 2014.17.6

"Fessae et Marocchi Regna," Amsterdam, 1606, hand-colored engraving, map by Gerardus Mercator and Jodocus Hondius A map of Morocco with a large inset titled Penon de Velez, showing a fort on the Barbary Coast. The map depicts in detail the Barbary Coast, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and Madeira. The geography is based on an earlier map by Abraham Ortelius.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.14

Map Collection - 2014.17.14

"Karstia, Carniola, Histria et Windorum Marchia," Amsterdam, 1643 (first edition published 1635), hand-colored engraving, map by Willem Blaeu, after Gerardus Mercator A map of the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Venice, present-day northeastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, showing mountain ranges, rivers, forests and towns, based on the map issued by Gerard Mercator in the early 1600s.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.22

Map Collection - 2014.17.22

"Helvetia cum finitimus regionibus confoederatis," Duisberg, 1595, hand-colored engraving, map by Gerardus Mercator One of the earliest maps of Switzerland to appear in an atlas. A map showing Basel at the top and the Italian Alps with Lakes Maggiore and Como at the bottom. Lake Geneva is on the left, with St Moritz, St. Gall, and all other major towns, waterways and mountains.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.42

Map Collection - 2014.17.42

"Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia cum Dalmatiae, parte," Amsterdam, 1643, hand-colored engraving, map by Willem Blaeu Blaeu's map of the course of the Danube River and its tributaries across the northwestern Balkans was based on a map by Gerard Mercator published in the early 1600s. The borders between the political divisions of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Dalmatia are shown. The three coats-of-arms along the top edge of the map represent the Venetian Republic, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Ottoman Empire, and they reflect the power struggle that dominated this region.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.65

Map Collection - 2014.17.65

"Walachia, Servia, Bulgaria, Romania," Amsterdam, 1628, hand-colored engraving, map by Gerardus Mercator A map of Bulgaria, including parts of Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey, showing Istanbul/Constantinople, and the coastline of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.2

Map Collection - 2014.21.2

"Emden & Olden Borch Comit.," Duisberg, 1595, hand-colored engraving, map by Gerardus Mercator Map from "Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mvndi et fabricati figvra. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm," including Northwest Germany and the northern portion of Lower Saxony. "Per Gerardum Mercatorum Cum Privilegio" inscription, bottom left of map. Map has text on reverse.

Image of Map Collection - 2015.12.1

Map Collection - 2015.12.1

Gerardus Mercator and Jocodus Hondius Flandria Imperialis et Proprietaria Hand-colored engraving Amsterdam, 1638 Engraved map depicting the Brabant region in Belgium and the Netherlands. Major cities of Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain, and Mechelen are shown.