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Name Fuchs, Leonard
Other names Leonhart Fuchs
Life Dates 1501-1566
Nationality German
Role Artist

Associated Records

Image of Nature Print Collection - 2016.7.1

Nature Print Collection - 2016.7.1

"Chili Pepper (Capsicum annuum)," hand-colored woodcut on paper from "De Historia stirpium commentarii insignes (Notable commentaries on the history of plants)," by Leonard Fuchs. Basel: 1547. Exhibition Label (Birds, Bugs, & Blooms, 2014): This herbal helped revolutionize the quality of botanical drawing in the 1500s. Fuchs' comprehensive text described hundreds of plants' habitats and medicinal qualities, and its drawings were some of the first scientifically accurate depictions of plants, as they were created from living or collected specimens rather than copied from old texts. It also included the first descriptions of many New World plants, including chili peppers.