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Name Fries, Laurent
Other names Lorenz Fries
Life Dates c. 1485-1532
Nationality French
Geographic location(s) Strasbourg
Occupation Physician
Notes Fries was a physician and mathematician who later became interested in Claudius Ptolemy 's Geographica published by Martin Waldseemuller (1513). Fries created new, smaller woodcuts of the maps from the 1513 edition, which he first published in 1522, with subsequent editions (1535 and 1541) made from the same woodcuts. The 1541 Lyons edition was published after Fries' death by Melchior and Gaspar Treschel, who inherited Fries' original woodcuts.
Role Cartographer

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Image of Map Collection - 2016.6.1

Map Collection - 2016.6.1

"Tabula Prima Asiae," 1541, printed from an earlier woodcut created by Laurent Fries. From the 1541 Lyons Edition of Claudius Ptolemy's Geographica, published by Melchior and Gaspar Trechsel and edited by Michael Servetus.