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Name Dion, Mark
Role Artist

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Image of Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.11

Art-2D Collection - 2015.1.11

"Phantoms of Lost Museums," 2014, from the portfolio "Drawn from the McClung Museum," three run lithograph by Mark Dion. Edition: 1/30 Designed in response to McClung Museum object: Tapir mandible (Tapirus polkensis), ca. 23.03 to 5.3 million years ago Artist statement: While I selected a tapir mandible for my investigation, I was interested in the uncanny quality of objects at the McClung Museum. The fossils, weapons, decorative, and ethnographic objects detailed seemed utterly untethered from their context. How had they come to settle at the McClung? What other collections have they once belonged to and how had they become so orphaned? It brought to mind my work with The Jenks Soci