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Name Danckerts, Theodore
Role Cartographer

Associated Records

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.67

Map Collection - 2014.17.67

"Marchionatus Brandenburgensis,... et Ducatus Pomeraniae tabula," Amsterdam, 1695, hand-colored engraving, map by Theodore Danckerts A map of the disputed territories of Brandenburg and Pomerania on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. Starting in the 12th century, the Margraviate, later Electorate of Brandenburg, was in conflict with the neighboring Duchy of Pomerania over frontier territories claimed by both Brandenburg and Pomerania, and over the status of the Pomeranian duchy, which Brandenburg claimed as a fief, whereas Pomerania claimed Imperial immediacy. The conflict frequently turned into open war, and despite occasional success, none of the parties was able to prevail on a susta

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.70

Map Collection - 2014.17.70

"Electoratus et Palatinatus Ad Rhenum, Episcopatuum Vormaciensis Et Spirensis, Ducatuum Bipontini et Simmerae, Comitatuum Veldensis Sponheimensis etc. Novissima Tabula," Amsterdam, 1680, hand-colored engraving, map by Theodore Danckerts A map of the complex region of the Palatinate of the Rhine in Germany. Initially the County Palatine of the Rhine, then later the Electoral Palatinate, was an historical territory of the Holy Roman Empire.The fragmented territory stretched from the left bank of the Upper Rhine, from the Hunsruck mountain range in what is today the Palatinate region in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the adjacent parts of the French region of Alsace to t

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.8

Map Collection - 2014.21.8

"Circulus Suevicus in quo sunt Ducatus Wirtenbergensis...," Amsterdam, 1695, hand-colored engraving, map by Theodore Danckerts Map of Rhineland, a loosely defined region embracing the land on either bank of the River Rhine.