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Name Coronelli, Vincenzo
Other names Vincenzo Maria Coronelli
Life Dates 1650-1718
Nationality Italian
Occupation Cartographer, Theologian, Geographer
Role Cartographer

Associated Records

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.41

Map Collection - 2014.21.41

Vincenzo Coronelli Nuova Guinea Engraving Venice, ca. 1690 Map by Vicenzo Coronelli: New Guinea, a large Island in the South West Pacific region. The island is divided among two countries: Papua New Guinea to the east, and Indonesia to the west. The regions, cities, towns, et cetera, are clearly identified on the map, larger settlements or significant Christian sites marked with castle/cathedral icon, i.e. "Zanfara" top right of map. Mountain ranges, borders, small islands, rivers, and bodies of water, not colored, some texture. Two ships, bottom middle left and middle right of map, nine animals scattered across top portion of map, three sets of radiating lines, one point, bottom left,

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.45

Map Collection - 2014.21.45

Vincenzo Coronelli Mare del Nord Hand-colored engraving Venice, ca. 1690 This map, centered on the Atlantic Ocean, includes the coastlines of North, Central and South America, Greenland and Iceland, western Europe and northwest Africa. The Polar Circle, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, and Ferro Meridian lines are shown.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.21.62

Map Collection - 2014.21.62

Vincenzo Coronelli Aevi Veteris Usque ad Annum Salutis Nonagesimum Supra Milles...(Eastern Hemisphere) Engraving Venice, ca. 1690 Black and white map by Vincenzo Coronelli: Eastern Hemisphere of the Globe. The map is based upon classical Geography, covering most of Africa and the Indian Ocean, but no Japan or China or the Northeast Coast of Asia. The cities, countries, continents, et cetera, are clearly identified on the map, larger settlements marked with black dot, i.e. "Bocanum" middle left of map. All geographical elements, not colored, some texture. Geographic lines, Tropic of Cancer, the Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, etc. identified. Measurement marks surround the globe, directio