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Name Buhot, Felix Hilaire
Other names Buhot, Félix Hilaire
Life Dates 1847-1898
Born: Valognes, France
Died: Paris, France
Nationality French
Occupation painter
graphic artist
Role Artist

Associated Records

Image of Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.7.1

Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.7.1

"Les Voisins de Campagne (Country Neighbors)," c. 1878, etching by Félix Buhot. It features a man and woman under an umbrella, trying to get to shelter in a rain storm. The path behind them is very wet, and a small black dog runs behind them. On either side of the path are columns and urns. Ahead of them is a large, dark house with a white fence. "Les Voisins de Campagne Souvenir de Paise Normandie" is inscribed below image, and there are sketches along the left border. A red "FB" owl mark (the artist's stamp) is at the bottom center, with "504" handwritten. Exhibition Label from The Collector's Eye, 2014: Félix Hilaire Buhot (1847-1898) French Les Voisins de Campagne (Country Nei

Image of Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.31

Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.31

"The Cab Stand," 1876, etching by Félix Buhot. Signed lower left corner, in plate: Felix Buhot 1876 Below signature, in red: artist's seal ("FB" owl) Image features a line of four horse-drawn carriages waiting to pick up fares. The day is dark, gray, and rainy. A couple with a small dog stand under an umbrella by a street lamp, while another woman walks along the street to the right. A row of dark industrial-looking buildings, some with billowing smoke, lines the street next to the carriages. The wet pavement reflects the carriages and horses on its surface.