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Name Buache, Philippe
Life Dates 1700-1773
Nationality French
Occupation Cartographer
Role Cartographer

Associated Records

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.25

Map Collection - 2014.17.25

"Carte de Suisse," Paris, 1715, hand-colored engraving, map by Guillaume de l'Isle and Philippe Buache A map of Switzerland, with the borders of each canton outlined in color, showing all cities, towns, waterways, mountains and forests. The title is in a banner across the top of the map with the crests of each canton, the dedication to Claude Theophile de Besiade beneath his coat-of-arms upper right, key lower right, and legend lower left.

Image of Map Collection - 2014.17.82

Map Collection - 2014.17.82

"Graeciae Pars Septentrionalis," Paris, 1796, hand-colored engraving, map by J. A. Dezauche after Guillaume De l'Isle and Philippe Buache A map of northern Greece, including the Northern Aegean, Thrace, and Eastern Turkey. A student of the noted French cartographer, Giovanni Domenico Cassini, and the son of Claude De l'Isle, the geographer and historian to the king, Guillaume De l'Isle developed a strong basis for his cartographical skills. He produced his first terrestrial globe in 1699, and displayed a profound talent for capturing a high level of accuracy and geographical knowledge. In 1718, Louis XIV celebrated his much revered skill and accuracy by appointing him First Geographer to t