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Name Auerbach-Levy, William M.
Life Dates 1889-1964
Born: Russia
Died: Ossining, New York
Nationality American
Occupation painter
Role Artist

Associated Records

Image of Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.26

Art-2D Collection - 1962.20.26

"Elderly Jewish Man with Basket," 1905, etching by William Auerbach-Levy. There is an inscription in Hebrew across the top of the etching, "Alef, lamed, (space), cheit, shin, lamed, yod, kaf, nun, yod, (space), lamed, ayin, cheit, zayin, qof, nun, hay." This possibly translates: "Do not cast me away in old age." A gallery label found with the print notes that this is a signed artist's proof. Label from The Collector's Eye (2014): Elderly Jewish Man with Basket, 1905 William M. Auerbach–Levy (1889–1964), Russian-American Etching Max. B. and Lalla B. Arnstein Collection, 1962.20.26 Though he studied abroad, Auerbach-Levy spent most of his life in New York City, creating illustration