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Name Agam, Yaacov
Other names Jacob Gipstein Agam
Yaacov Gipstein
Jacob Gipstein Agam
Life Dates Born 1928
Nationality Israeli
Occupation painter
Notes Agam was born in 1928; pioneer of optical kinetic arts; studied at Bezalel School of Art, Jerusalem; went to Paris 1951; no formal art education; chief formative influences Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Max Bill, Giedon & Itten; 951-53 established own kinetic art; "Contrapuntal", "Polyphonic", "Tranformable"; exhibited in 1953 at Galena Craven, Paris, 1958 Musee d'art Moderne, Charleroi, 1959 Palais des Beau-arts, Brussels, 1962 Musee des arts decorattifs, Paris, & numerous galleried and museums throughout the world; has applied own concepts to music, writing forms, films, and theater.
Role Artist

Associated Records

Image of Art-2D Collection - 1976.10.2

Art-2D Collection - 1976.10.2

"Sea Sea," 1974, lenticular screenprint on paper and cast acrylic by Yaacov Agam. Optical kinetic print; superimosed planes of individually colores eliptical, circular shaped and vertical bands on clear plastic for moire effect; vertically crenulated plastic surface; parallel glossy fabric with parallel cords nearly aligned and surfaces pressed together make interlocking shapes change in hue, tonal value and pattern as spectator moves across front of composition. Label from The Collector's Eye (2014): Sea Sea, 1974 Yaacov Agam (born 1928), Israeli Lenticular screenprint on paper and cast acrylic Gift of Fern and Manfred Steinfeld, 1976.10.2 Yaacov Agam developed a particular type of